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Plating Barrels

We, Jaibhavani Engineering offer Plating Barrels used for plating high volume of smaller parts at one time. Different plating process performed in barrels such as zinc electroplating, copper plating, nickel plating, silver plating, palladium plating etc.

In Barrel Plating process, barrel -shaped cage manufactured from nonconductive material is use and submerged into the chemical solution. In between slow tumbling action is use to commence the plating action. For greater plating efficiency, the individual pieces establish a bipolar contact with one another in the barrel plating process. To achieve corrosion resistance and high tech conductive and solderable functionality different types (low efficiency, medium efficiency, and high efficiency) barrels are used which result in improved deposit distribution. Horizontal and oblique barrels are most common types used for plating.

Horizontal barrels are capable of handling larger volumes and greater varieties of workloads. Horizontal barrels are also known as production barrel which has largest capacity. Oblique barrels are capable of handling smaller workloads. Barrel Plating enables a large volume of parts to be plated which result in time and cost saving. As complete process takes place in one vessel, so resulting in less handling and increased efficiency. Barrel plating required a lower investment.

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