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Air Pollution Scrubber System

Air Pollution Scrubber System is an air pollution control device which is use to remove gases and particulates from industrial exhaust and heat recovery from hot gases by flue gas condensation. Scrubbers are primary devices to control gaseous emissions. A Wet scrubbers are effective air pollution control system designed for the process application to remove gases and particulate from industrial exhaust and flue gas streams. A wet scrubber use liquid to remove these particulates and most appropriate air pollution scrubber device for collecting gas and particulate in a single system.

Air Pollution Scrubber System is multidisciplinary system have ability to remove solids, gases, and mists especially from acid gases simultaneously provides cooling also. Air pollution scrubber system used for the high flows in solar, LED processes and for heat recovery from hot gases by flue gas condensation.

We are manufacturer of following Air Pollution Scrubber System:

  • HNO3 Fume Scrubber System
  • Ammonia Fume Scrubber System
  • Nitric Fume Scrubber System
  • Gold and Silver Fume Scrubber System
  • NoX Fume Scrubber System
  • HCL Fume Horizontal Scrubber System
  • SO2 Fume Scrubber System

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